Hope is the only thing keeping us going

Hope is the only thing keeping us going

Although I would think of myself as a strong independent woman, in reality, I am not. The amount of times that I have thought of just giving up is actually ridiculous. When life becomes hard or if I encounter any little obstacle I just think of giving up. But keep that in mind, I only ‘think’ of giving up but I never do.

What keeps me going then?
It’s the idea of hope. I am not religious in any way; however, I do believe that there is a superior being that guides us in our everyday lives. We’ll at least I hope there is. The only thing that keeps me going everyday is this idea of hope. The hope that life will get better, the hope that ‘God’ has plans for me and that everything I’m doing now is because I’m supposed to. I mean, doesn’t it just make you feel so much better and more at ease knowing and ‘hoping’ that everything at the end of the day will be just fine. Whenever I think that life is going downhill, I always have this little hope inside of me thinking and believing that everything is only going to be better. So I encourage you all to hope a little more and to give up a little less because life is definitely not easy, but it’s the things you hope for that makes it worth it.


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