In your life, what is success to you?

What is success to me?
Success to me is waking up everyday feeling nothing but genuine happiness. The feeling of when I just can’t stop laughing and smiling for no apparent reason other than, my life is so amazing.

How am I going to achieve that though?
That leads me to the question of what makes me genuinely happy. Happiness for me is living a life where I am surrounded be genuine friends who provide me with great company and laughter, it means having a partner who is loyal, giving, grateful and loves me unconditionally in which I love unconditionally back. It means knowing that my family is happy and healthy, it means having the ability to spoil my family and friends because I know that they deserve it. It means having a stable job that I am passionate about and can truly say that ‘I love my job’. That to me is called a successful and happy life. I know many people would mention things like traveling the world, owning a nice car and house, having a million dollars etc.. of course those would be nice to have in life, but to me, that would be considered a bonus. Those are the ‘wants’ in my life, but are definitely not considered as my ‘necessities’ in my success.

In order to achieve success, you must understand that you are the creator of your life and therefore, everything starts with you. It starts with how you think, how badly you want something and how you are going to act upon that thought. In my opinion, I believe that life is a combination of thoughts, actions and fate. For instance, if you keep thinking of wanting to become richer in terms of money, but you don’t want to work or do anything that could possibly made you money, then how is it possible for you to become richer?

Thoughts, actions and fate all work together to create the ultimate success.

So what would you describe success as?


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