You made her complicated

She didn’t want your money, your house or your car. All she wanted was your love and time. She wanted to know that you cared and that the way you treated her was special and actually meant something. She pretended that you never meant anything to her because deep inside, she knew that she would be so broken if you didn’t feel the same towards her. She’s clearly been there before and since then; she has built a barrier that is so high that even she can barely see the end of it. She pretended that she was independent and never needed a guy in her life. To others, she seemed like she was always happy because she would never dare to show her dark side to anyone else. But in reality, she was broken, she was complicated and she had a mind that no one would ever understand completely. She desired love so much, but at the same time she feared it twice as much. But as you started to give her more hope, her broken heart and mind was also slowly getting shattered again, because in her life, every high came with a terrifying low.

You never put in the effort to get to understand her from a deeper level; you never seemed to care about her past even when she clearly wanted you to know. It was always small talk and nothing more. You found her simple and fun at first, but slowly, she started to show her vulnerable side to you and started to question your feelings and thoughts. You would occasionally open up, but only when she asked you to, you became scared and so you slowly drifted away from her. Not because you wanted to, but because you felt like you would not be able to ever understand her mind. It was all too much for you because all you wanted was a girl who was simple.

She would have given you everything, because she was a hopeless romantic and when she loved, she would love with all her heart and soul. But you would never know, because all you ever gave her was small talk and things that never mattered. You will never know how hard she struggled to contain the love that she wanted to give you. You will never know how much you meant to her and you will never know how she was simple until she met you.


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