She wasn’t stupid; she just loved you too much

She didn’t want to leave, but you gave her no choice.

Trust me, leaving was the hardest thing and the last thing she wanted to do. That feeling of hugging and kissing you and not wanting to let go was the most painful feeling ever, because after that, she knew she had to leave and that she had to completely erase you out of her life.

You may have felt a little surprised and even a little sad when she finally made the decision to leave for good, but trust me; leaving you completely broke her heart into pieces. She was the type of girl who went the extreme; she would either love you with all her heart and soul or completely shut you out, because she could never simple stay friends with someone she loved.

She wasn’t stupid, but you thought she was. You played games with her and thought that she would always be by your side no matter what happened. All along she understood what was happening and she read you like an open book, she knew she was getting used and she knew nothing would last. But she still held on so tight because that feeling she felt was something so special and she couldn’t imagine losing it. Deep inside she knew it wasn’t real, but she wanted to believe that it was because that was the only thing special she had in her life.


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