What the phrase ‘i’m not ready to commit does’ to a person

I know commitment is something that comes with time, at different stages of life, people’s sense of commitment changes as people are maturing and placing priorities in different order. I am not mad that you said that you weren’t ready to commit. But just know that, i will not wait for you. I will not wait for the day that you are ready to commit, ready to realise my worth and that you made a mistake. I will not. Instead, i will move on, because the moment you said that you weren’t ready to commit, i knew that i was not a priority for you. When someone’s put so much effort and time into loving you and all you can say back is ‘i am not ready to commit’- it honesty hurts, it hurts because all along i had serious commitment issues, but i was willing to commit to you because i loved you, i put you as my priority. Maybe one day we will meet again and you’ll come to me and say that you are ready. But maybe i will say i’m not, not because i am not ready to commit, but because you are no longer my priority. 


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