Wrapping up 2017

2017 is a definitely a year that left an impact on me. 2017 really challenged me as a person, it showed me both extreme highs and extreme lows which ultimately shaped me into who I am today.

The beginning of 2017 was a steady continuum of 2016, I was working part time and still in a toxic casual relationship that was draining me one day at a time. In other words, I really did not have much going on for me and I was definitely not happy with how my life was unfolding.

The mid of 2017 is when everything changed, I quit my job, I quit my toxic relationship and I also lost one of my closest friends. I could say ‘life really went to shits’, I remember on the day that I finally decided to leave my toxic relationship I cried like a baby in the car, I remember clearly thinking to myself how I absolutely hated my life and who I was. I remember feeling intensely lonely, so lonely because the person who I loved couldn’t care less about me, my best friend was gone and I left a job that once made me so happy. For once, I felt so lost and in need of a superior guidance. I remember going home and writing down everything that I felt and to remember this day because it honestly was one of the hardest days that I had to go through.

Towards the later half of the year, things slowly got better. I met a guy that showed me a different side of life, showed me a different way of living and somehow managed to change me as a person slowly. He showed me how to express my emotions more, how to take life less seriously and he genuinely made me laugh again. I was honestly really happy during this time and I remember thinking how blessed I was to have everything that I do have and to have such amazing people surrounding me. However, this didn’t last too long. Soon we broke it off because we were both on different pages of this relationship. The timing was horrible, it was during my practical placement which already made me extremely stressed. I remember almost losing myself emotionally, I felt so weak and unstable that I didn’t know what to do. But I eventually came to terms with everything and tried to use this experience as a way to better myself and to grow as a person. I promised that I would never fall back into a place of being unhappy because it has already consumed way too much of my life. This experience honestly made me think a lot more about myself, about what I want in life for myself and to be more selfish. I think in the past I’ve always put too much thought and effort into someone else, that I often forgot about my own dreams and goals. It made me so determined and motivated to prove to myself that I can do what I want and that I will live a life that is extraordinary and full of happiness.

The ending of 2017 (now) has made me feel really proud of myself. In 2017 I learnt that life should not be taken so seriously, that emotions and feelings are temporary, that your family and friends are there for a reason, that expressing your emotions and feeling sad does not mean that you are weak, that every low comes with an amazing high, that life is full of unexpected events so always have an open mind and be open to new opportunities. It has made me realise that the most important thing in life is to be happy, to live your own dreams and to accomplish your goals in life.

Therefore, in 2018 I will work hard, I will focus on myself and I will only allow happiness to enter my life and nothing less. I am grateful for what I have accomplished and experienced throughout 2017, but man, I am so ready for 2018! Let’s all enter 2018 with a positive attitude, a year of possibilities, growth and pure happiness! I am so ready!


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