Don’t chase people, chase yourself

“Don’t ever chase people, but instead, chase yourself”

I’ve always loved myself, least I thought I did. When people say you have to love yourself before you love others, I agreed and I thought that is what I did. But I was wrong, I was so wrong.

If I loved myself, I wouldn’t have let myself chase other people. If I loved myself, I wouldn’t have blamed myself for others faults and their decisions. If I truely loved myself, I would have chased after myself, after my own dreams, goals and wellbeing. But instead, I always chased after others. I cared about their dreams more than mine and I think that’s where I lost myself.

This year, I have promised myself that I will only chase after myself. I will dedicate my time to improving myself, focusing on my own goals, my own dreams and becoming that person who glows because that’s what happens when you actually decide to love yourself.


One thought on “Don’t chase people, chase yourself

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  1. Hey, It’s been days now, and you’re still sad.
    I wrote you this.
    Oh how beautiful do you sound, love, for you’re a sunset, that I’d watch only wishing it’d stay up, for it makes me smile, like no one else, for it’s beautiful in a way nothing else can be, for you my love, are exquisite, for your voice are the oceans, on a canvas, I’d see you paint, only to know Oh how lovely you’re, just the way you’re!

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