Imagine living your dream

We all have dreams and goals, as little as they can be, we all have them. However, the name can be misleading and often scare us from accomplishing them. A dream seems unrealistic, it’s called a dream because it happens in our sleep and not in real life when we are awake. But just imagine not ever being able to live your dream, isn’t that more scary? so why not give it a try?

I’ve always had a dream to be someone who is not working an ordinary 9-5 job, someone who can travel and explore the world without feeling guilty. Someone who is much more than who I am right now. But I’ve always said it’s my ‘dream’ my life ‘goal’, something that I most likely won’t attain.

But why not? If I can dream it, if I want it that badly, then I believe that I can achieve it. So this year I’ve decided to change my words into actions, to make baby steps each day that will eventually lead me to my ‘dream life’. I mean, the least you can do is say that you’ve tried. Don’t let fear get in your way and don’t ever let yourself feel regret in the future.


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